First of all : we all know, that You are coming to Budapest because once in the a summer You must lose your free mind. These are the best Hungarian festivals ( and under, what You must do and what you supposed to do not. 

DO Pack it!

Funny animal shaped balloon
It is very useful for the hangover fighting during the day, and very funny during the concerts. Please take care, they are so sensitive and bring the fun with themselves when You let them alone - we saw their metamorphosis in horror movies, we would never let you to do this.... 

Funny costumes
We hope that, this summer kills Borat, and the funny guys can shake off their neon strings. If you feel, that you have superpower or you are the sexiest, funniest woman or man alive, let your your fantasy move, and do your costume by yourself - as the superheroes do. 

Lens for phone
Everyone can take a selfie with a smartphone, but it's more cool to take a photo with lenses that can sprung the ground or make you shrink and grow. Also there are some color lenses, lenses for color bubbles and a lot more stuff to help you to be creative.



DO NOT Pack it!

Nofunny costumes
Borat is boring, we saw on everybody who felt that he has to show the lop over how to do, but he just predicted some things we would never want to see. The cooking apron on a man with the shape of a very sexy woman can also be pretty uncool, unless if you are serious about being Mrs. Doubtfire on a vacation. 

Penis and pussy shaped stuff
Hope,we don't have to explain that everyone has one from those things, so you don't have to show strictly close to others face that you also have. Be sure, they know. 

Unique drinks
Unless you don't want to get the guards drunk after the festival by your unique and delicious alcohol, leave it at home. In Hungary you can't bring as many alcoholic drinks as you possibly want, so you'd better drink on the spot, for example The Light from vodka+raspberry syrup+soda A.S.A.P. 


DO it on the festival

The summer hits
We have summer hits, that you can hear and watch during the shows, but every year and every festival has it's own hits. These are the stuffs people bring with themselves. It can be a hard rock plush animal, a bracelet but we saw lego figures as head lighter... If you really want to be a part of the partys, you have to have one. 

Eat well
... or eat everything from typical festival food. Hungarians know, how to eat much, so you can eat nearly every kind of foods.Last year's best festival foods were from delicious Casa Piadina, the almost healthy Guru and the Hot Dog with everything you want. We miss the churros and some things from festivals, but hope we will find some Zing Burger.

Leave the mess that ruin your mind at home, and just feel free. Some special american research-workers in special research bunkers had found out, that feeling free is the first step of  long and happy life and also helps to solve the problems, while your mind is off. Music and exercises (like dance and jump) are also good for your body. 



DO NOT do it on the festival 

Alcohol can make you feel easy doing everything, so alcohol is good for a party; but getting too much alcohol can make you ugly, stank and pathetic so for a good party you have to know how much drink you can have. It is better to remember for funny moments than remember nothing - with no money or phone. 

Cigarettes on the concert
Once, if you want to be beaten you can light your cigarette in the biggest crowd on the most popular line upper's concert and dance like never before. So, when you burn their clothes or skin, and they will be very, very angry....

Force people to sex with you
There is no more disagreeable thing on Earth when a drunken and stank man or even woman, who thinks that he/she is the sexiest creature alive,  want's you violently to sex with him or her. If you are that sticky one, you probably don't understand how you look at this time, and the next days can be embarassing, especially if it was your friend. 

Pie, throw on others
If you have to do one of them, please go as far as you can. We don't have to explain why, hopefully. 




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