We have plenty tourists who come to visit Hungary because of the Sziget Festival. They come mainly from Netherlands or Germany, and they usually stay one more week in Budapest. If you are one from them, you have to know what to do after the Sziget. 


By day

The 20th August is a national holiday and one of the biggest celebration in Hungary. The hungarians start the day with some gastronomic and religious programme. The religious ones usually go to the temple to celebrate their first king, Stephan I, who layed on the Christentum laws in Hungary, and the priests also devote the new bread. After these celebrations hungarians visit the markets and gastro markets that you can find every bigger square. You can taste the new bread, the hungarian cousine and the cake of the year. The zennit of the day is the firework over the River Danube - do not miss it ;)


By night 

Hungarians start the weekend on Wednesday, so if you decided to stay here, you only have 2 days for hangover, because the party starts.There are events everywhere, you only have to decide which music do you prefer. In the city center you can dance for some pop and electric music in VOLT bar, Akvarium Klub, Hello Baby, Ötkert. If you want some fancy cocktail party with good music you have to choose B.O.B Bar - but before you make a choose you have to check Budapest from above from 360 Bar (Andrássy Street) or Gozsdu Sky Terrace ( Gozsdu Udvar). If you want to eat some good food you have to go to Mazel Tov or Spíler in the center, and after the party you really have to taste the street pizza near Gozsdu Udvar. 




The festival for party people who never sleep. 4 days party on the beach of Lake Balaton. You only have to take a swimsuit and some money and you can start dancing in the water under the heating sun and continue near the stages, under the secretive moon. The festival's line up is with DJ-s all around the world and based on electric music. The best programe for people who like the music and the beach. 



STRAND Fesztivál

If you like music because of music, you have to stay some more days to go to the Lake Balaton to hear what papa Roach of John Newman presentsto you too. You can dance in the water too, because on theis side of Balaton the water is shallow and the organizers exploite that fact. 



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