Imagine once, that you are living with your friends in a world, where everything could happen. For example you and your friends are cought by a crazy one, who want to kill you, and you only have a single chance to escape. You and your friends have to use your best minds to solve the problems....


" Time is running out, heart is beating faster " as they write... In the city center you are closed into a bomb shelter, with concentrate doors, can be closed forever if you run out of time. You have 60 minutes to escape by using your logical mind or you will be prisoned for a whole life. But first you have to find out, wich leve do you prefer, the "Saw", the "Lost", the " Houdini's Blood-curdling Seance", the "Panic Cinema" or the "Darkroom". You can also choose a harder game , can be played for 120 minutes. In that case, you have to be smarter, have to have more power and no panic... 




You were too curios, and now you are lost in an old egyptian burial chamber. You have guide, as an old archeologist, who try to help you, but you only have 60 minutes if you don't want to be a sacrificed because of an old tradition.You have to work in team, to solve the task. The Mistique Room is located in the city center and told to be the most beautiful one. 




It you really want to be locked and find a crazy person, who want to kill everybody just as you, because of an inexplicable reason, you found your best place. You have to investigate , who can be the serial killer,and where is the missing person . You are already locked, and if you do not find the killer before he finds you - you will be killed as possibly the missing person already had been. And more : if you are enough smart and brevae you have to put your hands on the heritage too.


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